September 6, 2018 |

Join us for one of our very popular Catkin courses. The autumn cutting garden offers the opportunity to use some of Rachel’s favourite material – grasses, berries, seed pods, all sorts of interesting bits and pieces that can make a bouquet truly unique.  In this course you will learn how to design and make hand-tied bouquets. You will make a jam jar posy and a large aqua packed bouquet and will leave with a skill that you will use forever!


Tea/coffee/lunch and all your flowers are included.




8 people MAX




Thursday 6 September | 10am – 3pm | Booking essential

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Rachel’s Cutting Garden

‘My flowers are grown in an Elizabethan walled cutting garden, in Lincolnshire.  I grow a range of glorious scented flowers and foliage in all colours and textures – proper, old fashioned, cottage garden flowers!  My flowers are grown especially for weddings and events and are also available to buy as bouquets, or cut stems.  The Doddington Hall gardening team grow fruit and vegetables in the kitchen garden too, so it really is a proper mixed kitchen garden. This leads to a fabulous ecosystem full of insects, birds, toads and several grass-snakes, which means that we can garden without using harmful pesticides and chemicals.’