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Catkin Flowers Courses

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Start Date: September 1, 2021
End Date: December 10, 2021

Catkin Flowers Courses

At Catkin, we use flowers to get in touch with who we are and to express and celebrate that essence through abundant, scented and seasonal blooms.

Whether you are a flower lover looking to get more in touch with what the floral and herbal world has to offer, or a creative hoping to reconnect with nature and their inner spark, we delight in creating luscious floral experiences that you can truly savour.

Click the ‘Book Tickets’ button to explore our different workshop types including:

How to grow cut flowers – Weds 1st September 2021 10 am– 4.30pm  £110

An autumn day in my garden – BEGIN AGAIN Monday September 6th 2021 10 – 3.30pm £65 

Gather the garden – Thursday 16th September 2021 10am – 3pm £150 

Forage and Create – Weds 22nd September 2021 10 am – 4 pm £195

Floral Retreat – Weds 13th October 2021 10 am – 4pm £155

Mindfulness walk – Tuesday 26th October 2021 10 am – 1pm £57 

Christmas wreaths 10th Dec 10am – 3.30pm £110