08/02/2020 - 31/05/2020 |

*Due to the latest Government instruction, the Gardens are now closed until further notice*

Please refer to our COVID-19 update page


We hope the tranquil and natural setting will provide a much needed boost for anyone looking for a calm and grounding environment in these difficult times.


It’s a chance to enjoy a spectacular pageant of bulbs – the delicate, the bold and the rare – throughout the Gardens, heralding the start of spring and the reawakening of the soil in preparation for the warmth of summer.


The Spring Bulb Pageant continues through March and early April with drifts of Lent lilies and our unique collection of heritage daffodils (including rare Edwardian varieties), dog’s tooth pagodas and snake’s head fritillaries until May. The cherry blossom and magnolia are also highlights during March/April.


The spring bulb pageant was started in the 1950s by Claire’s grandparents Ralph and Antonia Jarvis. Claire’s father Antony Jarvis and late mother Victoria continued the work and Antony estimates that he has planted or moved 150,000 bulbs in the last 25 years.