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At the height of summer the garden is at its fullest expression of abundance and there is simply heaps to do.


Join Rachel Petheram from Catkin Flowers for an intimate gathering of likeminded souls and very practical day in the garden where you can work along side Rachel and get hands on.


Harvesting and feeding, mulching and nurturing is our focus for this summer session. We will be doing all those things needed to support the garden to make it safely and joyfully over the hill to autumn.


At this time of year being productive amidst the abundance of the garden is balm for the soul and with friendships to be made, and a lovely summer lunch to be enjoyed it has all the makings of a perfect day.


These days in Rachel’s cutting garden are a great way to learn and practice the technical skills of gardening in a relaxed informal setting. If you’re a complete novice or already a seasoned gardener you can enjoy having a hand in shaping the beautiful walled garden at Doddington for its year round visitors.



£55 including lunch

Tuesday 07 July | 10am – 3:30pm | Booking essential


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Rachel’s Cutting Garden

‘My flowers are grown in an Elizabethan walled cutting garden, in Lincolnshire.  I grow a range of glorious scented flowers and foliage in all colours and textures – proper, old fashioned, cottage garden flowers!  My flowers are grown especially for weddings and events and are also available to buy as bouquets, or cut stems.  The Doddington Hall gardening team grow fruit and vegetables in the kitchen garden too, so it really is a proper mixed kitchen garden. This leads to a fabulous ecosystem full of insects, birds, toads and several grass-snakes, which means that we can garden without using harmful pesticides and chemicals.’

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