Christmas Tree Top Tips

Top Christmas Tree Tips from Doddington

  • Remember – trees have a habit of looking bigger when they get home – measure your ceiling height before you set off!
  • Make sure the needles are shiny and not falling off; the branches should be supple and the tree should smell nice and fresh.
  • When you get home, keep the tree outside in a cool & shaded area until you are ready to erect it.
  • When you are ready to bring the tree indoors, cut about 1/2” from the bottom of the trunk.
  • Stand your tree in a water-holding stand or in a bucket of pebbles or small stones.
  • Keep it away from direct heat such as radiators etc.
  • Keep your tree topped up with water every day  – you will be amazed at how much it may need!

Tree varieties

Norway Spruce  –  The traditional tree with a wonderful scent. All our Norways are grown in a natural woodland setting here at Doddington without the use of chemicals or pesticides. They are freshly cut each day  –  you will not find a fresher tree, and as long as you give it plenty of water, it will last you right through the festive season.

Nordmann  –  Nordmann trees are a newer variety and have better needle holding qualities than Spruce, even when they aren’t watered. We grow some ourselves and buy others in from a grower in Yorkshire where they are all freshly-cut for us.