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1:1 Nature Therapy

Event Detail

Start Date: January 8, 2024
End Date: December 20, 2024
1.5hr session: £75
Half day session (3hrs): £150
Full day session with lunch (6hrs): £350

1:1 Nature Therapy & Reiki Treatments

Reconnect with yourself using the tools that nature has to offer guided by an experienced and sensitive facilitator.

Rachel of Catkin Flowers is a reiki practitioner and experienced mentor and these sessions are designed to use nature to help you move forward.

These sessions use reiki and nature as therapy in relaxing, mindful and empowering one to ones. These are designed for anyone who is feeling frayed around the edges, blocked, anxious, at a crossroads or who wish to deepen their own connection with nature or are curious about energy work and wish to explore their own experience of it in a personal, earthy way.

These sessions are for anyone who feels anxious, stuck, blocked, frayed around the edges and just needs some headspace and peace.

I use nature and flowers to help you and what we do in the session depends on what you need. They could be purely for rest and relaxation, or if you are having difficulties in your life and just need to unpick the knots, or it could be confidence building for your career or in important aspects of your life. It is different to creative mentoring because it is more therapy focussed but the two go closely hand in hand if you are a creative and are a bit stuck.

Sessions available are: 1.5hr reiki treatments in my garden studio (£75). This involves hands on treatment on a couch, although it will be tailored to fit what you are comfortable with. I may use the energy of flowers to help or we may do a meditation in the garden as well as a treatment on the couch. The venue is very much in, and of, the garden – think ‘glamping’ rather than a clinical or spa setting.

A half day session (3 hrs, £150) or full day session (6 hrs, including lunch, £350) could involve, depending on need, a mindfulness walk and meditations, flower therapy, along with a hands on reiki treatment if appropriate. The sessions are very much tailored according to what you need and what you are comfortable with.

Please contact Rachel to book a session