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There are plenty of ways to help you find a sense of calm and joy at Doddington

Taking some quiet time to reflect in natural surroundings using all of your senses can be a real boost to your mental health. Try listening out for birdsong, look for bees and butterflies, or notice the movement of the clouds.

Estate Walks & Nature Trail

Connect with nature using all of your senses

Taking some quiet time to reflect in natural surroundings using all of your senses can be a real boost to your mental health. 
Just a short amount of time spent in nature can alleviate stress and can help you to find a sense of calm and joy.


Gardens open Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays & Bank Holiday Mondays, 10am-4pm plus daily opening for Easter, 29 March – 14 April.

Join us for a spectacular pageant of spring bulbs, beginning in early February with wonderful snowdrops and winter aconites, Cyclamen coum, and Crocus tommasinianus, continuing through March and early April with drifts of Lent lilies and our unique collection of heritage daffodils (including rare Edwardian varieties).

Gardens only tickets are available on arrival at the Gatehouse.


Find your calm with Caroline in a cosy shepherd’s hut at Doddington with holistic treatments tailored to you, to encourage reduced stress, tension and create a more balanced body and mind.

Bea is created to allow you to take time out from this fast paced life and reap the benefits from these deeply relaxing and restorative treatments. 

Allowing the mind and body to align, heal and rejuvenate is so incredibly important. 

Catkin Flowers

The home of seasonal, intuitive and expressive floral design and experiences. Rachel Petheram of Catkin Flowers uses nature intuitively to restore and renew.

We all know that gardens and nature have the power to restore. To have the space and peace to stop, to breathe, to empty your mind and to just be is amazingly powerful and a beautiful tool to find some mental space and peace. As well as a florist, Rachel is a reiki practitioner and uses flowers and energy together to help people to move forward in their lives.

Flowers have their own energetic signature so the individual flowers you choose have meaning – you are drawn to them for a reason. Finding the space to listen to what they are saying with the help of an intuitive and sensitive facilitator gives scope for creating beautiful personal transformation through connection with flowers and nature.