Clare Bigger

of Lancashire, UK

A figurative sculptor who captures the spontaneity of movement in her work, Clare uses stainless steel to create contemporary, fluid forms - a medium which brings lightness and grace to her sculptures.

Clare exhibits internationally, producing private and public commissions featuring her two passions: sport and nature. After spending her childhood in Africa, Clare travelled extensively fuelling her appreciation and curiosity for the natural world. A black belt in taekwondo gives Clare an intimate understanding of the movement which imbues her work, whether it’s a swooping bird, a dancer balancing en pointe, boxing hares or a sprinter in full flight.

Exhibited Sculptures

Edition: Unique
Made from: stainless steel
Size: 3200mm x 1500mm x 1000mm
Weight: 50 kg
Price: £25,000.00
Territorial Swans
Edition: Unique
Made from: stainless steel
Size: Swan 1 -H1500mm x W1900mm x D1800mm Swan 2 - H1500mm x W2000mm x D1800mm
Weight: 80 kg
Price: £26,000.00