Daniella Rubinovitz

of Amsterdam

An Amsterdam-based artist working with wood, steel and bronze to create larger-than-life sculptures, Daniella’s pieces act as conduits to connect everyday life with the natural world. Daniella creates her work based on the idea that life is an optical illusion, that we are limited and extended by our own mindset. A minute, an hour, a lifetime, Daniella explores spaces through line, form and colour.

In the last year, Daniella has exhibited across the globe, most notably The Enchanted Garden exhibition in Belgium, Burning Man in the Netherlands and displaying her 8m Flying Fish at the Price Sculpture Forest in USA.

Exhibited Sculptures

Edition: 1/1
Made from: Stainless Steel
Size: 5 pieces of average 100mm x 90mm
Weight: 10 kg
Price: £7,500.00