Paul Pibworth

of Bedfordshire, UK

An artist with a solid engineering background, whenever Paul is asked if he can make something, the answer is almost always a resounding yes. Combining the unique skills of an artist and engineer, Paul knows that anything is possible when it comes to creation. Working alone, Paul works as if nothing will stop him.

Using stainless steel to make his structures, Paul takes inspiration from the written word - a song, a poem, a word of kindness or bitter words muttered in haste. All of which can in their own way harness and channel intense emotions, leaving the scars of pain or the warmth of love. Through his work, Paul wants to complete connections, for his creations to be the connecting puzzle piece between people, people and their past, present and future aspirations.

Exhibited Sculptures

Stanley's Shoes
Edition: Number 1
Made from: Laser cut stainless steel sheet 3mm in thickness
Size: H175 x W70 x D350 cm
Weight: 250 kg
Price: £19,200.00