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January in the Farm Shop

January in the Farm Shop is always a time for renewal. We clean, restock and move to make things fresh after the festive period, we also start to look for new and exciting lines for you.


Just this morning we have ordered some lovely new pop-a-ball lines for all you gin and prosecco lovers, they will be in store very soon. And we are off to a new product launch show on Thursday to see what else we can find!


Often January can feel a bit dull but we have two bright stars to light up the shop, Seville Oranges and Blood Oranges. Sevilles are traditionally used to make marmalade and have a very short season so get that pan bubbling away soon. As an alternative they can be used to make an orange liqueur, there is just a bit of a wait before you can drink it (see recipe below!).


Blood oranges have a unique flavour profile compared to other oranges, they have raspberry-like tones as well to the usual citrus notes. They can also be used to make a sweeter marmalade than Sevilles, for baking, or are great juiced.


Coming up in February, we’re excited about our Gin Masterclass with a tutored tasting of the Burleigh’s range. Tickets are selling fast so make sure to book in advance, we’d love to welcome you!


Sarah Hall

Farm Shop Manager




4 Seville Oranges

350ml white wine

150g caster sugar

300ml vodka


Peel the zest from the oranges using a vegetable peeler

Put the zest into a sterilized bottle or jar and cover with the other ingredients (always make sure the zest is covered with liquid)

Seal and shake well, continue to shake every day until the sugar has dissolved

Leave in a cool dark place for a couple of weeks, then enjoy!

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