Friday, March 19, 2021 |

In July 2020 the Government launched a £1.57bn fund to support culture and heritage damaged by the Covid-19 pandemic. A small part of the fund has been designated for repair work on 60 privately owned historic houses and monuments. Repairs to the damaged 400 year old brick and stonework of Doddington Hall was one of the projects selected.


This is a once in a generation opportunity to repair the fabric of the Hall and several large sections of garden wall. The work is made possible by a grant from the Heritage Stimulus Fund which forms part of the Culture Recovery Fund, particularly designed to provide jobs to skilled crafts people whose employment might otherwise have stopped because of the pandemic. Claire and James Birch have made a major contribution to the cost of the project. The timing of the project also coincides with a period when the Hall has been forced to close.


The Gardens are open on Sundays only. Click here to book. We are hoping to reopen the Hall from 19 May. Dates are yet to be confirmed and are subject to Government restrictions and restoration work. We are very much looking forward to welcoming visitors to the Hall & Gardens this year.


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