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Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is a new policy designed to contribute to the recovery of nature while developing land. It is making sure the habitat for wildlife is in a better state than it was before development.

From November 2023, (although already adopted in Central Lincolnshire) it is a statutory requirement that any developer of domestic, retail or industrial sites ensures that loss of biodiversity caused by the development is assessed and offset with an increase to 110% of the pre-existing biodiversity at the site prior to the development. This may be achieved adjacent to the development site, or offsite, ideally nearby. Please see the Government guidance for more information:

Residential development | Land Off Heron Walk At Apex Lake, Newark Road, North Hykeham 

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust are administering Biodiversity Net Gain for Lincolnshire through Green Investment in Greater Lincolnshire (GIGL) and recommended the ecological consultant contact Doddington Hall because the estate is one of many on their list of landowners interested in Biodiversity Net Gain, and we assume because of our proximity to the development site and the fact that we have public access to the estate. 

At Doddington we are pleased to help increase biodiversity as it is central to our long-term mission. To date nothing is agreed and the discussions have been with ecologists about Doddington’s ability to deliver improved habitats over a 30 year period. To date we have not met any employee of CEMEX UK and have no role in encouraging or approving their planning application. In the event CEMEX UK do ask us to provide Biodiversity Net Gain we are likely to do so, as if we don’t, another landowner will, (probably further away and without public access) and we will have lost an opportunity to improve local biodiversity.

This is a new and complicated process and James Birch, owner of Doddington Hall, is willing to explain more on the phone or in person should you wish to get in touch, or we recommend you ask a North Kesteven District Council official to discuss the process of objecting to the CEMEX UK development.

If you wish to get in touch, please email FAO James Birch