Our brand new Doddington Padel Courts are now open for bookings


Opening Times
25 Nov - 22 Dec
Mon-Sat 9am-5pmSun 10am-4pm

Enjoy a favourite local tradition once again with a visit to the Doddington Christmas Tree Yard and choose from a wide selection of freshly-cut trees in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The quality is the same but our prices are lower to help you have the Christmas you deserve. Prices start from only £15.

We have been growing Christmas trees for over 60 years in a natural woodland setting, including the popular Norway spruce and Nordmann fir. Each tree will be on display un-netted in the Stable Yard, so you can find the perfect tree for your home. We don’t use any fertiliser, pesticides or herbicides.

Please note that dogs are not permitted in the Christmas Tree Yard.

The Christmas Tree Yard will close on 22 December at 2pm.



The traditional tree with a wonderful scent. All of our Norways are grown in a natural woodland setting here at Doddington without the use of chemicals or pesticides. They are freshly-cut each day  –  you will not find a fresher tree, and as long as you give it plenty of water, it will last you right through the festive season.


Nordmann trees are a newer variety, they are a glossier green and have slightly denser branches. We grow some ourselves and buy others in from a long-standing local supplier, where they are all freshly cut for us. 


We have some great prices on our homegrown trees to help you celebrate Christmas this year. Prices start from only £15.


We have a selection of our beautiful Norway Spruces between 3ft and 9ft ranging in price from £15-£30. Trees will be individually priced. Larger trees start from £35.


Nordmann Firs start from £35. Available from 4ft to over 15ft.

All of our trees are freshly-cut from our woodland or our local supplier. We aren’t able to provide rooted or potted trees. Our friendly team will be on hand to help and net your tree. 


  • Remember – trees have a habit of looking bigger when they get home – measure your ceiling height before you set off!
  • Make sure the needles are shiny and not falling off; the branches should be supple and the tree should smell nice and fresh.
  • When you get home, keep the tree outside in a cool and shaded area until you are ready to erect it.
  • When you are ready to bring the tree indoors, cut about 1/2” from the bottom of the trunk.
  • Stand your tree in a water-holding stand or in a bucket of pebbles or small stones.
  • Keep it away from direct heat such as radiators etc.
  • Keep your tree topped up with water every day  – you will be amazed at how much it may need!


6 – 10 January 2024

Each January, St Barnabas and their wonderful volunteers go across the county to collect your Christmas trees and recycle them, all in aid of Hospice care. All they ask in return is that you make a suggested donation of £19.93 to help them care for patients living with life-limiting or terminal illness across Lincolnshire.

The friendly team of volunteers will take care of your tree in the most environmentally responsible way, meaning you don’t need to make a trip to the tip or spend time vacuuming needles out of your car.


Cut trees are a natural product and no trees are alike, they are perishable items and will deteriorate over time. The speed your tree deteriorates including any needle drop will depend on the environment and conditions in which you keep the tree. We recommend following our Tree Tips above to give your tree the best environment.

Whilst all of our trees are of the best quality, nature is unpredictable and we are unable to control the loss of needles on a tree. 

Any refund will be decided based on photo evidence and be under the discretion of the Doddington Hall management.