Floral Retreat

Event Detail

Start Date: October 5, 2022
End Date: October 5, 2022
Time: 10am-4pm
Adult £155

Who is a Floral Retreat for?

Come away from the world for a day to a secret garden, safely tucked in the English countryside and restore your weary soul. Find space to breathe amid the scented blooms of abundant flowers. Flowers have an energy and an ability to heal and transform. This is so obvious when we have a day playing with flowers in a workshop. Being surrounded by flowers, being present in the moment, keeping our minds still and focused is so good for us. Rachel of Catkin Flowers can teach people how to make beautiful flower arrangements but as a reiki advanced practitioner, she can also teach them about themselves, using flowers.

What does a Floral Retreat include?

Rather than focusing on ‘how to make an arrangement’ the floral retreat is more ‘let’s make an arrangement, focus on the moment, listen to what the flowers are telling you, restore and renew your soul’. It is amazingly powerful and a beautiful tool to find some mental space and peace. Flowers have different ‘personalities’, each one has its own energetic signature and we may be drawn to different flowers at different times depending on our own needs. Finding the space to listen to what they are saying provides scope for creating beautiful personal transformation through connection with flowers and nature.

The Practical Stuff

The floral retreat is held in the studio and flower therapy garden which is a purpose-built space in the walled Kitchen Garden at Doddington Hall. Lunch, refreshments and all materials are provided and numbers are capped at 4 people. Timings are 10am-4pm. The investment is £155.