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Courgette Recipes

The delicately flavoured courgette is currently taking centre stage in Claire’s kitchen.  Claire uses freshly picked produce from the Kitchen Garden along with ingredients from the Farm Shop.

Our Farm Shop has fresh veg deliveries every day from our Kitchen Garden and local suppliers. Open 9am-5pm daily (Sun 10am-4pm) with safety measures in place.

Courgette Baba Ganoush

This is an ideal recipe when courgettes are plentiful and large! It is delicious and one of Claire’s absolute favourites!


Several large courgettes (at least one per serving)
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
Lemon, parsley or other herbs (optional)


  1. Put whole courgettes under the grill at its hottest setting, or over a barbecue or gas flame
  2. Turn and grill until they are well blackened on all sides and the flesh is really soft
  3. Cut in half lengthways and scoop out the soft flesh, scrape gently right up to the burnt skin (don’t worry if a little bit of the black skin goes in it will add to the flavour!)
  4. Put the flesh into a sieve over a bowl to allow the excess liquid to drain out
  5. Rub the flesh around the sieve to push the water through and/or leave for 30 minutes or so to extract as much as possible
  6. Put a clove of garlic, chopped roughly and an inch of olive oil into a jug and whizz with a blender until it is smooth
  7. Add the courgette flesh
  8. Add olive (or rapeseed) oil until it is about 1/3 of the quantity of the courgette
  9. Blend until smooth and pale
  10. Season with plenty of salt and pepper and lemon juice too if you like

Serving Instructions

  • Serve as a dip with Welbeck sourdough/flatbread or oatcakes

Courgette, Garlic & Saffron Pasta


2-3 Courgettes per person (smaller the better)
1 garlic clove (per person)
Good pinch of saffron threads
Olive oil
Pasta (Claire prefers spaghetti or linguine)


  1. Slice courgettes into rounds about 1.5 cm thick
  2. Roughly chop the garlic
  3. Heat plenty of olive oil in a large heavy frying pan
  4. Place the courgettes evenly with one face down in the pan and cook on quite hot until browned on one side, then turn and do the other side. If you have too many to fit in the pan, you can double up a bit, they will shrink and you will squeeze them all in eventually. The aim is to get a good proportion of them browned. Add the garlic as you begin to turn them for the first time. Once courgettes browned, add a cup full of water, a good sprinkling of salt, a good pinch of saffron and turn heat down a little to simmer steadily until they are really soft and delicious. This will take 20 minutes plus. Taste regularly and you will probably need to top up the water. You are aiming for soft, delicious courgettes, some beginning to break down and a delicious olive oil/ garlic/saffron ‘gravy’. (This can all be cooked in advance)
  5. Cook pasta to taste and add to the courgettes once ready and drained, toss to distribute the sauce
  6. Season to taste

Serving Instructions

  • You can offer parmesan to sprinkle on top but this can detract from the subtle taste of the courgettes, saffron and garlic

“Growing up at Doddington, eating seasonal produce from the Kitchen Garden and farm was the only thing I knew. I learnt to cook using what was on hand here as the seasons passed and my love of cooking and good food stems from this. I strongly believe that the fresh, good quality ingredients are the foundation of delicious food.