Here at Doddington we are determined to be as environmentally friendly as possible, considering our impact on tomorrow as well as today.

The Hall, all our shops cafés, restaurant, the estate office, coach house, holiday cottages and several residential properties are heated by a biomass boiler fuelled with wood chip. The wood chip is produced from sustainable woodland from the estate.

We harness solar power with a series of panels on a number of properties around the estate.

Rain water is collected for use in the gardens and our low-flush loos.

Natural ventilation and low energy appliances are used wherever we can.

We are committed to sourcing food and products with a low carbon footprint.

We seek out Fair trade and artisan-produced products to sell.

Vegetable waste and peelings are fed to our pigs.

Packaging and waste are minimised where-ever possible.

We encourage recycling and re-use and try to use products that are made out of recycled materials.

We encourage cycling (and walking) and have worked hard to create traffic free access from Doddington to Lincoln and surrounding villages for cyclists.

We are signed up to Natural England’s Higher Level Stewardship Scheme on our Farm. This binds us to a wide range of projects and policies designed to increase the biodiversity on the estate whilst at the same time improving the sustainability of our ventures. Our beautiful Lincoln Red Cattle form part of our commitment to this scheme and we have the added benefit that they provide exceptional grass-fed beef for our Restaurant.