Community visit to Doddington

We were delighted to be joined by visitors from Boston today who came to our Summer of Imagination six-week event as part of an outreach project to connect them with both Lincolnshire culture and the arts. We really enjoyed the group’s company and having the chance to meet them!


The visit, organised by David Lambert of Cultural Solutions UK, enabled the group to explore our grounds and enjoy the art installations and activities currently available. The group was greeted by our blessing of unicorns then went on to discover fairy villages, the dragon’s lair, talking trees plus much more. Fortunately, it stayed dry for the group so there was plenty of time to stay outdoors. They spent time a large part of the day with our artist in residence Nadya Monfrinoli and made colourful willow lanterns (pictured above and right).


The group comprised of 16 people from Lithuania, Russia and Poland who have made Lincolnshire their home. Children were present; two families were part of the group and the adults included teachers, factory workers and a PCSO.


David Lambert told us how the visit, supported by the Arts Council England, was a chance for the group to learn more about the county they live and in particular somewhere they may not have considered visiting which, explained David, aids their integration.


Coordinator of the Boston Lithuanian Community group, Jurate Matulioniene, added “There is so much beautiful heritage in Lincolnshire and the group was delighted and impressed with Doddington. Nadya was so skilled and patient. We will be telling others about our visit and return later in the summer.”


For us, it was a chance to meet a small part of a large Lincolnshire community and share a common interest in the arts.

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