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Rhubarb Fool

Rhubarb Fool is a classic British dessert. Light, creamy, tart and flavourful, it shows rhubarb off at its finest.

You can find ingredients for this recipe in our Doddington Farm Shop, amongst other fresh produce from our Kitchen Garden or from specially selected local suppliers.

Rhubarb Fool

Serves: 4


450g Rhubarb, roughly chopped
5 tbsp Golden caster sugar
300ml Double cream
100ml Greek yoghurt
Small bunch Fresh mint, leaves only


1. Put the rhubarb in a pan with 4 tbsp sugar and heat gently, covered, until tender.

2. Uncover, turn up the heat slightly, and allow some of the juice to evaporate. Taste for sweetness, adding more sugar if necessary, then drain the rhubarb, reserving the juice. Allow to cool.

3. Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks, then stir in the yoghurt. Fold in the cooled rhubarb. Chill for at least an hour.

Serving Instructions

Serve in glasses with the reserved juice poured over the top along with a few mint leaves.


“Growing up at Doddington, eating seasonal produce from the Kitchen Garden and farm was the only thing I knew. I learnt to cook using what was on hand here as the seasons passed and my love of cooking and good food stems from this. I strongly believe that the fresh, good quality ingredients are the foundation of delicious food.