Ben Dearnley

of Ireland

Named Contemporary Marble Sculptor of the year 2023, and a European Enterprise Award winner, Ben carves many of his timeless works from statuary marble which he collects himself from deep in the heart of mountains in Carrara.

Alongside his work with stone, Ben also creates hand-painted stained glass pieces, which use light as the key. The larger outdoor sculptures capture the ever-changing daylight and have a unique 'living' aspect to them. Always giving the viewer a new experience with each passing day. The smaller indoor works share this aspect in a more intimate way, blending colours and form. Ben has sculptures in many public and private collections from the Royal Academy of Music in London to Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, the USA, throughout Europe and the UK.

Exhibited Sculptures

Time for Hope
Edition: 1 of 1
Made from: Marble and bronze lettering. Mirror
Size: 260 x 130 x 120
Weight: 5 kg
Price: £2,750.00
The Sands of Time...Tranquility
Edition: 1 of 1
Made from: Bath Stone on slate
Size: 300 xx 220 xx 200
Weight: 15 kg
Price: £2,750.00
The Green Man
Edition: 1 of 1
Made from: Green Cumbrian slate
Size: 470 x 330 x 120
Weight: 15 kg
Price: £3,300.00
Flight to Freedom...Icarus
Edition: 1 of 1
Made from: Marble and line 'tattoo' inlayed with bronze
Size: 500 x 300 x 250
Weight: 35 kg
Price: £9,000.00
The Light Within
Edition: 1 of 1
Made from: Steel and hand painted/etched, stained glass
Size: 1400 x 2000 x 400
Weight: 25 kg
Price: £9,500.00