John Cox

of Colchester, UK

Born in Dagenham, as a youngster John was schooled by his grandfather - a master joiner, carver and restorer in the art of woodwork. Having developed at an early age, the ability to practise and develop skills in traditional joinery, veneer application, marquetry and French polishing, John soon developed an extraordinary ability to shape metal, wood and other mediums to produce original, tantalising sculptures and innovative interiors.

John had a lifetime flirtation with art in many forms, but it was in later years that he undertook sculpture on a commercial basis. Using the foundation of his original designs, his legacy lives on through his wife and daughter, Joy and Jayne, who continue to add to the portfolio of sculptures. As a team they have undertaken a wide range of commissions and the sculpture of the late Lord Montagu, which graces the entrance to the Beaulieu Motor Museum, is attributed to them.

Exhibited Sculptures

Slinky Fox
Made from: Bronze
Size: H34 x W112 x D32
Weight: 17 kg
Price: £1,350.00
Greek Mask
Made from: Bronze
Size: H46 x W23 x D22
Weight: 8 kg
Price: £520.00
Sarah S
Posing Sarah
Made from: Bronze
Size: H64 x W14 x D26
Weight: 5 kg
Price: £498.00
Scorpion Table
Scorpion (Only)
Made from: Bronze
Size: H100 x W120 x D70
Weight: 40 kg
Price: £2,950.00
Children Under Brolly
Made from: Bronze
Weight: 19 kg
Price: £2,850.00
Snail Baby
Made from: Bronze
Size: H15 x W30 x D11
Weight: 2 kg
Price: £120.00