John (Ioannis) Bizas

of Greece

Having spent his childhood on the island of Chios in Greece, as a youngster John Bizas was drawn to the fine arts and quickly began to focus on sculpture. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara and has worked for Damien Hirst, Jan Fabre and Louise Bourgeois to name a few.

With studios in Chios, Greece and Washington, DC, John also participates regularly in exhibitions in Europe and the US and has pieces in private collections all over the world. Sculpting in marble, John has developed his own techniques and approaches to working with stone.

With a traditional fine art background, John has a strong aesthetic and technical foundation that allows him to explore and push the physical and visual boundaries of his subject material. Thematically, his work encourages the viewer to confront the complex and compelling issues facing the contemporary world.

Exhibited Sculptures

paper boat
Made from: Italian marble
Size: 145mm x 345mm x 135mm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Price: £2,700.00
Peace (black)
Edition: unique piece
Made from: Spanish marble
Size: 230mm x 280mm x 140mm
Weight: 2 kg
Price: £4,300.00
Detained II
Edition: unique piece
Made from: Italian marble & jute rope
Size: 180mm x 230mm x 110mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Price: £4,730.00
Costume (w/r)
Edition: unique piece
Made from: Italian marble and red zipper
Size: 300mm x 730mm x 470mm
Weight: 18 kg
Price: £13,750.00
Mandatory Coexistence
Edition: unique piece
Made from: Italian marble, Belgian marble, jute rope, brass and wood.
Size: 290mm x 500mm x 300mm
Weight: 6 kg
Price: £10,300.00