Marie Boyle

of Buckinghamshire, UK

Marie has been sculpting for 25 years after accidentally falling into sculpture when she wanted some figurative pieces for her own home. After finding there to be a lack of affordable but impactful pieces, Marie enrolled in a class run by the late Neil Godfrey and fell in love with clay modelling. I believed if I could model a hand, everything else was doable.

Interestingly I've never deviated from the figurative and love the challenge of the athletic, dancing and contorted twisted form. My influences come from Renaissance Gianbologna and Bernini to post modern Rodin and Californian Richard Macdonald and Lorenzo Quinn. These influences have not only, subject matter in common but also pathos.

Some of my work is in the Brian Sinfield Gallery, Oxfordshire. but mainly in private collections. The Fine Art Gallery in Heathrow Terminal 5( 2008-2019) was home to my life size pieces, which sold regularly and got shipped world wide, due to airport heavy foot fall and the proximity of the gallery to First Class Check in desk!

My work is cast in both bronze and bronze resin ergo catering for all pockets. I like to make various sizes of pieces, so they suit indoors as well as out. I like to discuss with clients in advance the proposed location of the piece to ascertain appropriate base and plinth size.

Exhibited Sculptures

Cherish Those Who Hold Us Up
Edition: 3/20
Made from: Bronze resin (also available in bronze), patinated mild steel plinth
Size: 1500mm x 2100mm x 500mm
Weight: 85 kg
Price: £8,800.00
To Truly Soar, One Must First Unfurl
Edition: 4/20
Made from: Bronze Resin (also available in bronze), stainless steel bracket, patinated mild steel plinth
Size: 2130mm x 1800mm x 900mm
Weight: 74 kg
Price: £9,000.00
Edition: 2/20
Made from: Bronze Resin
Size: 2300mm x 1800mm x 1000mm
Weight: 42 kg
Price: £7,500.00