Paul Harvey

of Hampshire, UK

Paul Harvey was a British sculptor and artist who sold sculptures all over the world. Having sculpted since he was just ten, his love of birds and Art Deco design inspired much of his work in cold cast marble, cold cast metals and a small collection of foundry bronzes.

Paul sadly passed away in June 2023, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. His wife Sarah has worked with Paul over the last 25 years from their studio in the middle of the Hampshire countryside, surrounded by wildlife on the edge of a half-acre pond. Sarah still continues to produce his beautiful sculptures along with the help of their son Christian and daughter Eloise.

Exhibited Sculptures

Little Owl
Made from: Cold Cast Pewter
Size: 30 cm- Height
Weight: 5 kg
Price: £390.00
Made from: Cold cast white marble
Size: 24cm Height
Weight: 4.7 kg
Price: £330.00
Tern Sleeping
Made from: Cold cast white marble
Size: 34cm Length
Weight: 5 kg
Price: £350.00
Tern- Beak Up
Made from: Cold cast white marble
Size: 20cm Height, 34cm Length
Weight: 5 kg
Price: £350.00
Blackbird Singing
Made from: Cold cast black metals
Size: 44cm Height
Weight: 4 kg
Price: £950.00
Kestrel Landing
Made from: Cold cast mixed metals
Size: 70cm Height
Weight: 18 kg
Price: £950.00