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Summer in the Gardens

Summer is here and well underway. At least I’m told it is. It’s hard to match the damp mornings and waterproof clothing with Summer. But it is June and now nearly July, so I guess it must be Summer after all.


Summer is a challenging time for gardeners. Long gone are the slow days where you get a chance to get your teeth into a long overdue project or to tend and maintain your tools. June is a headlong rush, trying to keep up with the ever growing plants and weeds that are all around. The rain hasn’t helped, the grass could still be cut twice a week and a flower bed doesn’t stay weeded for very long with all this “perfect germination” weather around. Tools are left uncleaned and un-mended in an effort to try to get on top of things, they will have to wait till things calm down a bit.


Prioritise which flower beds are the most seen and which hedges are the most desperate for a clip and try to keep up with the regular maintenance of lawns as well. At the same time we still have our seasonal tasks, such as splitting our beautiful collection of Irises, cutting down our meadow grass and sowing next year’s wall flowers. Vegetables are still being sown and planted out for successional growth. Baby beetroots and young, tender salad are in constant succession. At least we haven’t had to worry about irrigation this Summer!


It’s not all hard work and rushing around though. When the sun does shine, the garden is looking beautiful and who can feel tired whilst working in paradise. Also, the team is being treated to a trip out to RHS Hampton Court Flower Show so we will be full of energy and enthusiasm when we return, ready to install the spectacular sculpture exhibition we have through the gardens in August.


David Logan
Head Gardener

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