Andrew Sinclair

of Devon, UK

Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc is recognised as a master of world-class figurative sculpture and is one of the world’s leading realist figurative sculptors working today. He teaches his unique ‘narrative realism’ to students all over the world and has now been working to commission for over 30 years.

Andrew’s sculptures are unique in their skilled attention to detail and makes them resonate with life, adding a quality of realism rarely seen in contemporary sculpture today. Defined as ‘narrative realism’, Andrew’s work identifies the core character of a subject and brings it to the fore. Andrew’s recent projects include the award-winning Duke of Wellington’s Regiment Memorial in Halifax town centre and David Bowie sculpture in Aylesbury. His impressive catalogue of work graces many distinguished historical properties and public places such as the Royal Box at Ascot and Crosby Hall (Sir Thomas More’s old palace) in London.

Exhibited Sculptures

Mini elephant
Edition: unlimited
Made from: bronze resin
Size: h100mm x w90mm x d50mm
Weight: .14 kg
Price: £250.00
Baby Elephant
Edition: unlimited
Made from: bronze resin
Size: h120mm x w 160mm x d80mm
Weight: .25 kg
Price: £250.00
Spirit Guide 1
Edition: 2 of 12
Made from: bronze resin
Size: h 250mm x w 130mm x d 90mm
Weight: 1.1 kg
Price: £1,000.00
Their Lives in Our Hands - Elephant edition
Edition: 2 of 12
Made from: Bronze
Size: h340 w 450mm d200mm
Weight: 10.5 kg
Price: £15,000.00
Their Lives in Our Hands - lion edition
Edition: 1 of 12
Made from: bronze resin
Size: h490mm w250mm d180mm
Weight: 6.5 kg
Price: £7,500.00
Edition: 2 of 9
Made from: Painted resin
Size: Life-size (H 166cm W125cm D 65cm)
Weight: 25 kg
Price: £26,000.00