Archie Browning

of Colchester, UK

A multidisciplinary artist working in Essex, Archie began his sculpture journey with reliefs - transferring his oil pastel drawings into 3D pieces - a process which then evolved into working with polystyrene, fibreglass and resin.

Most recently, Archie has taken this a step further by working with stone, learning from traditional artisans in both India, Italy and the UK. Through the creative process, Archie has discovered an inner peace and meditative space where intuitively his hands and soul take over while his mind is quietened. The essence of Archie’s work evolves from living on a farm where his family have been working the land for five generations; on-site archaeological finds from previous ancestors, going back as far as neolithic times, seems to be channelled through Archie’s work.

Exhibited Sculptures

Edition: 1 of 1
Made from: Iron Resin
Size: 200cm H x 200cm W
Weight: 50 kg
Price: £6,950.00
Edition: 1 0f 1
Made from: Black Indian Granite
Size: 94cm H x 24cm W x 8cm D
Weight: 20 kg
Price: £2,950.00
Dancing in Time
Edition: 1 0f 1
Made from: Iron resin
Size: 120cm H x 160cm W
Weight: 15 kg
Price: £2,500.00
Edition: 3 0f 9
Made from: Iron Resin
Size: 120cm H x 55cm W x 40cm D
Weight: 15 kg
Price: £2,950.00