David Cooke

of West Yorkshire, UK

Drawing inspiration from the shapes, patterns and behaviours born from the natural world, David creates sculptures in a wide variety of styles and media in his workshop in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. He has been creating animal sculptures in ceramic since his childhood but is constantly experimenting with new techniques, and materials, and is always ready to develop new skills such as bronze-casting, to turn his ideas into reality.

With an unwavering love of working with clay to create one-off ceramic pieces, recent years have seen David experiment with various wax techniques, in order to reproduce his creations in bronze. David exhibits his work at galleries and art events throughout the UK and has claimed the ‘Overall Runner-Up’ spot in the prestigious Wildlife Artist of The Year competition at Mall Galleries in 2017 for his life-size bronze Orang-utan.

Exhibited Sculptures

Edition: one off
Made from: ceramic on oak
Size: 70x25x25
Weight: 20 kg
Price: £850.00
Little Owl
Edition: one off
Made from: ceramic but with steel/resin legs. Mounted on oak
Size: 65x25x25
Weight: 15 kg
Price: £495.00
Edition: one off
Made from: ceramic but with steel and resin legs
Size: 1300x600x400
Weight: 80 kg
Price: £1,900.00
Take Flight
Edition: 4/9
Made from: bronze owl, steel stand and base
Size: 1800x1100x500
Weight: 100 kg
Price: £11,000.00
Giant Pangolin
Edition: 1/1
Made from: Bronze
Size: 1000X760x1200
Weight: 100 kg
Price: £26,000.00
Canada Goose
Edition: 1/1
Made from: Stoneware ceramic but with steel and resin legs
Weight: 25 kg
Price: £2,400.00