Jacob Chandler

of Shropshire, UK

Jacob’s unique style has led to recognition in the art world. Since 2018 he has focused mainly on large public works of art, which can now be seen in several towns and cities across the UK. His most recent work for the Commonwealth Games, a 2.5m-tall bladed athlete, was placed outside Birmingham New Street Station and a 3m-tall sculpture is due for installation this year too.

Jacob’s work focuses on the most dramatic point of an action, the tipping point be it physical mental or global. The techniques employed are unusual, fabrications from wooden panels and sand-able resin, form crisp-edged, smooth-faced, multi-faceted sculptures that define his motif. The inspiration for his works comes from the greats of figurative sculpture, from Subirachs and Naum Gabo with their geometric portrayals to Giacometti and the Futurists with their desire to capture movement.

Exhibited Sculptures

One Giant Leap for Humankind
Edition: 4 of 12
Made from: Bronze
Size: 390mm x 450mm x 150mm
Weight: 6 kg
Price: £9,925.00
Poise and Velocity
Edition: 1 of 12
Made from: Bronze
Size: 360mm x 400mm x 130mm
Weight: 4 kg
Price: £7,725.00
Poise and Tension
Edition: 1 of 3
Made from: Corten
Size: 1830 x 960 x 760
Weight: 105.98 kg
Price: £42,500.00