Lucianne Lassalle

of Bristol, UK

Born in Paris 1960, and now living in Bristol, England, sculpture is in Lucianne’s DNA. Her mother was a potter, her father, grandmother and aunts all painters; you could say becoming an artist was in the stars for Lucianne.  

With a passion for the human form, for Lucianne it holds endless possibilities as pure sculptural form or as a socio-political reflection or comment. Living in Bristol has had a huge impact on Lucianne’s recent work, streaming a flow of urban realities, particularly reflecting the street culture in the city today. Leading her investigation into the vulnerabilities and vibrancy of human nature, urban myths are grafted onto the archetypes of ancient Abrahamic and Greco/Roman mythologies. Creating pieces on all scales; from 15cm to 2 meters, Lucianne works initially in clay, with the sculpture then cast into limited editions of Bronze or various resins. 

Exhibited Sculptures

Rambeaux -1
Edition: Ltd Ed 7/8
Made from: Bronze
Size: h61 x w29 x d25 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Price: £7,500.00
Icarus Freestyles
Edition: Ltd Ed 2/10
Made from: Cold cast bronze resin
Size: h202 x w80 x d58 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Price: £11,950.00
Proton VI
Edition: Unique variation no 6 of 8
Made from: Bronze
Size: h113 x w29 x d33cm
Weight: 20 kg
Price: £7,385.00
rambini -1
Edition: Ltd ed 18/25
Made from: Cold Cast Bronze Resin
Size: h36 x w18 x d15cm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Price: £925.00
lady of provence-2
Lady of Provence
Edition: Ltd Ed 4/5
Made from: Cold Cast Iron Resin
Size: h100 x w36 x d26cm
Weight: 25 kg
Price: £3,500.00
breakdancing icarus-mini-2
Breakdancing Icarus - Mini
Edition: Ltd Ed 3/25
Made from: Bronze
Size: h31.5 x w13 x d11 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Price: £2,950.00