Lucy Lutyens

of Essex, UK

Lucy calls an organic farm near Colchester in Essex home. Trained at Colchester School of Art as a mature student, having been a decorative effect painter in her early working life, Lucy has been exhibiting professionally for the last decade. The ebbing and flowing of the generations who have farmed the land Lucy calls home are a great source of inspiration to this artist. Medieval buildings sit amid ancient archaeological sites going back to the Neolithic age, instilling an enormous sense of history into daily life.

Inspired by objects and shapes she comes across in her rural environment, Lucy reduces these daily inspirations to abstracted sculptural forms that have a birdlike or botanical essence. But, for Lucy, family is also a key driving force in life and work. Along with nurturing the land, music and meditation are integral to the family’s daily life; their effects resonate throughout her work.

Exhibited Sculptures

Song of the Earth II
Edition: 4 of 4
Made from: Bronze Resin
Size: 660 x 135 x 13
Weight: 1 kg
Price: £1,495.00
Silent Meditation
Edition: 8 of 12
Made from: Bronze
Size: 170 x 140 x 60
Weight: 2 kg
Price: £1,500.00
Embodiment of Love II
Edition: 1 of 6
Made from: iron resin
Size: 1000 x 47 x 30
Weight: 20 kg
Price: £4,500.00
Edition: 1 of 6
Made from: iron resin
Size: 700 x 770 x 280
Weight: 7 kg
Price: £1,750.00
Edition: 4 of 12
Made from: Bronze Resin
Size: 600 x 250 x 180mm
Weight: 5 kg
Price: £2,950.00
Edition: 1 of 1
Made from: Bronze Resin
Size: 1080 x 340 x 250 mm (sold with 1m high oak plinth)
Weight: 20.00 kg
Price: £5,250.00