Ollie Holman

of Yorkshire, UK

Since the early age of 13, Ollie has been making metal sculptures. From early scrap metal sculpture beginnings, Ollie has flourished into an international-selling metal sculptor, with a large body of work, from metal horse sculptures to more organic metal wall art pieces.

The scales of his metal sculptures range from smaller mantle top pieces to larger works such as a 12ft full-scale rearing horse sculpture which proudly stands at Cheltenham Racecourse. Hooked on the thrill of creating ideas and bringing these pieces to life, for Ollie the reward is seeing the impact his work has on people

Exhibited Sculptures

Flaring Horse
Edition: 2 of 9
Made from: Bronze
Size: 650mm x 500mm x 250mm
Weight: 9 kg
Price: £7,500.00
Edition: 1 of 9
Made from: Bronze
Size: 750mm x 400mm x 250mm
Weight: 8 kg
Price: £8,900.00
Edition: Original
Made from: Recycled car body panels
Size: 1000mm x 1510mm x 370mm
Weight: 10 kg
Price: £12,500.00