Shaun Gagg

of Yorkshire, UK

Born in 1969, Shaun hails from the mining village of Wombwell near Barnsley in Yorkshire. He has always had a passion for art, particularly inspired by the works of Salvador Dali. His sculpting journey began with natural materials like slate and sandstone, often finding inspiration in the works of artists like Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, and especially Andy Goldsworthy, whose art greatly influenced him.

Shaun’s artistic endeavors led him to the Peak District, where he engaged in balancing large rocks in water, creating intricate land art. After moving to the coast of Flamborough near Bridlington, his focus shifted to larger slate sculptures, though this physically demanding work eventually took a toll on his health. After a significant shift in his artistic career, for the past several years Shaun has exclusively created welded sculptures.

Shaun’s sculptures are characterised by their use of everyday objects like coins, nails, and keys, which he welds into stunning, often large-scale, works of art. These sculptures range from abstract forms to more figurative pieces, like torsos and animals, demonstrating both his technical skill and creative vision.

Exhibited Sculptures

Edition: 1 of 12
Made from: Nuts
Size: L: 1400mm W:400mm H440mm
Weight: 80 kg
Price: £14,000.00
Circle Of Life
Edition: Open
Made from: Steel
Size: 1400
Weight: 75 kg
Price: £3,995.00
Rain Man
Edition: 1 of 12
Made from: Nuts
Size: 1950mm x 570mm x 640mm
Weight: 230 kg
Price: £12,000.00
Circle Of Life
Edition: Open
Made from: Steel
Size: 1000mm
Weight: 30 kg
Price: £1,200.00
Running Man
Edition: 1 of 12
Made from: Nuts
Size: 1700mm x 700mm x 1500mm
Weight: 250 kg
Price: £18,000.00
Key Worker
Edition: 3/19
Made from: Keys
Size: 80omm x 600m x 600mm
Weight: 10 kg
Price: £6,000.00