Stephanie Carlton Smith

of East Dulwich, UK

She may have worked with glass for more than 30 years but it was time spent at the Royal College of Arts in 2006 that introduced alabaster to Stephanie Carlton Smit’s practice. Presenting a unique visual language that speaks to her beyond the aesthetic, for Stephanie alabaster and glass connect to a more fundamental sense of grounding.

Alongside these two materials, the third element which has become an integral part of Stephanie’s creative language is The Tree. Having consistently used this raw material as well as creating presentations of bronze cast replicas, Stephanie’s ‘trees’ speak of the duality that exists all around us. Her first bronze tree was exhibited at the RA summer show in 2010 and more recently at Wells Contemporary in the nave of Wells Cathedral.

Exhibited Sculptures

Standing Tree
Edition: 1 of 1
Made from: Fused glass, decal and hard wood
Size: 20cm x 20cm x 5cm
Weight: 0.50 kg
Price: £260.00
Edition: 1 of 1
Made from: Alabaster, laboratory glass and Welsh slate
Size: 75cm x 40cm x 20cm
Weight: 15 kg
Price: £2,500.00