New ceramic work of art arrives at Doddington Hall

Matt Wilcock’s latest contemporary work is an extraordinary addition to Doddington Hall’s Summer of Ceramics Exhibition in the Hall and it marks the final week of this extraordinarily popular event and exhibition.


Wilcock’s work of art, commissioned by curator Rebecca Blackwood, was initially inspired by Doddington Hall and its surroundings. There are some literal references such as the lid informed by the three domes on the Hall’s roof as well as dictating the pots octagonal form, to less obvious responses. The foot replicates the roof of the Gatehouse and the vertical lines down the piece looks at masonry detailing surrounding the windows. As the generations that have contributed to Doddington Hall have a history of ceramics collecting Wilcock wanted to create a ceramic work of art that was contemporary to contrast the Hall’s traditional setting. He felt that something made using new technology would be a valuable addition to the Hall’s collection.


The pot itself was designed using Rhino 3D, a Computer Aided Design software allowing Wilcock to draw, visualise and explore the work being able to identify any issues that could occur in production. The final design was then 3D printed using Fused Deposition Modelling technology to produce a section of the final piece in a type of plastic made from corn starch which could then be replicated. This plastic master was then coated in plaster to produce and mould which architectural clay could be pressed into. Multiple sections of the pot, 16 in total, where made individually and joined together when the clay was firm enough to keep shape and then left to dry. The final part of the process involved firing the clay to turn it into ceramic, glazing the pot, then re-firing to 1240 degrees celsius to vitrify the ceramic and melt the glaze giving it a shiny surface.


The work was funded by Arts Council England. Find out more about Summer of Ceramics.


Hall & Gardens open Wed, Fri & Sun, 12-4.30pm (Gardens 11am). Admission applies. Stable Yard Galleries open daily, 10am-4pm until 8 September, free entry.

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